For whatever reason I decided during Monday night’s screening of The Other Woman that costar Taylor Kinney (the co-lead on NBC’s Chicago Fire) is likable and cool. I’ll admit that this 32 year-old actor doesn’t seem all that deep or intriguing in this red-carpet interview clip (in which he oddly refuses to discuss what The Other Woman is about) but in the film he comes off as an entirely nice, decent, intelligent Irishman (i.e., an XY counter-balance to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau‘s flaming asshole). Some actors aren’t that Albert Einstein-y or Carl Sagan-ish on their own dime, but they deliver a steady, agreeable and positive vibe on-screen and that’s what counts in the end. He’s been romantically linked with Lady Gaga since 2011, but most showbiz relationship go south after 18 to 24 months so who knows if it’s still happening? Kinney had a minor costarring role in Zero Dark Thirty but I don’t remember him. I’m told he played a SEAL in Act Three.