Last night I watched Jane Fonda‘s appearance on Charlie Rose. It was about plugging her just-released book “Prime Time“, which is about living and aging well in what she calls “the third act of your life.” It was an open, honest interview. But what got me is her face. She’s had “work” done, of course, and she looks great for someone born in 1937, no question. But there’s something a bit strident in her face now. It hasn’t been “stretched,” thank the Lord, but she does look super-sculpted.

(l.) Jane Fonda on last night’s Charlie Rose Show; (r.) during the 2009 run of 33 Variations.

I saw Fonda on-stage two and a half years ago in 33 Variations and I thought she looked perfectly fine. But she wanted more. The general rule of thumb, I suppose, is “as long as you don’t look like a freak, have at it.” We all make decisions to make about how we look, etc. It’s become the norm for older women with money. Their hair used to go gray and their neck sagged and their eyes got baggy, etc. Now they get robo-cized. That’s the way it is now.