36 and 1/2 years ago Saturday Night Live fans saw a musical skit called “Bend Over, Chuck Berry.” Season 4, episode 17 — 4.14.79. I don’t recall that this skit was included in the SNL 40th Anniversary Special that aired last February. It’s understandable if it wasn’t used because it’s obviously politically incorrect by today’s standards. It made fun of gays and gay culture as well as The Village People, who were riding high back then. But it was really about the horror that was late ’70s disco music. It was about the love that SNL writers felt for real rock ‘n’ roll and how much they despised the shit they had to listen to when they visited Studio 54. “Bend over, Chuck Berry / Put your guitar away / ‘Cause they’re playin’ disco music / From New York to L.A. / Take a look around you / There’s no more rock and roll today / So bend over, Chuck Berry / Disco is here to stay.” Don’t kid yourself — gay urban men were virtually required to worship disco back then, and in my eyes that made them the aesthetic enemy. In ’78 or thereabouts I owned a T-shirt that said “Death to Disco.”