The Guardian‘s Daniel Nasaw reported today that Los Angeles authorities seeking to imprison fugitive film director Roman Polanski may face a new obstacle in the 32-year-old case — the victim wants no part in it.

Samantha Geimer, who was 13 years old when Polanski gave her drugs and had sex with her, today asked a Los Angeles court to drop the charges against the Chinatown director. Polanski fled the US in 1978 after pleading guilty to illegal sex. He was arrested in Zurich last month and is fighting extradition to the US.

“In a court filing today, Geimer said she has been besieged by nearly 500 calls from news media since Polanski’s arrest. She lives in Hawaii and long ago publicly identified herself as the victim and forgave Polanski, but said she and her family have to contend with pressure when he is in the news. She said she is being stalked by journalists from international news organizations and has received interview requests from Oprah Winfrey and CNN’s Larry King.

“The pursuit has caused her to have health-related issues,” the filing states. “The pursuit has caused her performance at her job to be interfered with and has caused the understandable displeasure of her employer and the real possibility that Samantha could lose her job.” I presume that “health-related issues” is a reference to anxiety and other nervous afflictions.