Breaking: Corporations are essentially sociopathic in their pursuit of greater profits, and they often cozy up to rightwing zealots and social regressives as part of this effort. They’re not “people” and they sure as hell aren’t religious (except in a politically-calculating, catering-to-the-rural-bubbas sense of that term). And yet three weeks ago the Supremes’ Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Decision declared that “closely held for-profit corporations are exempt from a law its owners religiously object to”…hah! That’s shorthand for restricting women’s reproductive rights and choices, which are enforced by the contraceptive mandate adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services under Obamacare. It’s nice that at least one U.S. Senator has the cojones to explain what’s really going on.

I will vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I accept, grudgingly, that when elected she will do a reasonably good job of more or less continuing or building upon President Obama‘s center-right policies and philosophies, perhaps with more of a feisty style. But I love Elizabeth Warren.

Restricting women’s reproductive rights is, of course, a cornerstone in conservatives’ ongoing attempt to take this country back to the 1955 values that made it great. Rightwing males basically want women to be domestic, barefoot and pregnant, and if not pregnant at least seeing to their domestic duties (i.e., baking bread in the kitchen, doing the wash, making cherry pies) and not causing trouble. They want women to be Myrna Loy and Teresa Wright in The Best Years of Our Lives, and if they won’t fall in line then rightwing men will do what they can to pressure them to see the light.