It suddenly hit me yesterday when I picked up my LA FilmFest press pass and newsprint schedule (which uses what looks like five-point typeface) that there are 15 if not 20 films and events that I’d like to catch over this 11-day film festival. Of which I might actually catch 10 or 12. The mitigating factor, of course, is that every one of them requires a 35- to 40-minute trek from West Hollywood to downtown, and then having to find parking, etc. I’m putting my red bicycle on my car’s rear bike rack…cooler that way.

As usual, I like the festival’s iPhone app a lot more than their website.

In no particular order I need to see/attend the following:

(a) Richard Linklater‘s Bernie with Jack Black and Shirley Maclaine (opening night attraction on Thursday, 6.16);

(b) Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine in conversation on 6.23 at 8pm;

(c) Troy Nixey and Guillermo del Toro‘s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark with Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes (Sunday, 6.26);

(d) Julie Taymor in conversation on Sunday, 618 at Grammy Museum (i.e., machine-gun questions about her B’way Spider-Man debacle);

(e) a re-viewing of Nicholas Winding Refn‘s Drive (which I first saw in Cannes) on Friday, 6.17;

(f) Attack the Block on Wednesday, 6.22;

(g) Vera Farmiga‘s Higher Ground on either Saturday, 6.25 or Sunday, 6.26;

(h) Miranda July’s The Future (which I missed at Sundance 2011) on 56.24 or 6.25;

(i) Terri, a fat-kid movie with John C. Reilly that I really don’t want to see, on 6.25 or 6.26;

(j) a re-viewing of Paddy Considine‘s Tyrannosaur, which I saw and flat-out worshipped at Sundance 2011;

(k) Guy Maddin‘s The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman on Saturday, 6.28 at John Anson Ford Amphitheatre;

(l) Unravelled on 6.17, 6.18 or 6.20;

(m) The Bad Intentions;

(n) How To Cheat:

(o) You Hurt My Feelings;

(p) Elite Squad: The Enemy Within; and

(q) An Evening with James Franco (if I can get a ticket, I mean).