What is wrong with the NewsTube guy who decided to overdub footage of yesterday’s Charlottesville car tragedy with a pathetic organ riff?

The driver of the Dodge Challenger that killed Heather D. Meyer and wounded 19 others yesterday is James Alex Fields, Jr. — 20 years old, hailing from Maumee, Ohio.

Has there ever been a mass-murderer or domestic terrorist who hasn’t been described in day-after reports as a “quiet” type who “kept to himself”?

From 8.13 N.Y. Times story: “Caitlin Robinson, who attended Ockerman Middle School in Florence, Ky., with Fields, suggested that his interest in far-right ideologies dated back years. She said Fields ‘mostly kept to himself’ and ‘didn’t start fights or try to fight,’ but she described him as ‘exceptionally odd and an outcast to be sure.'”