CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviewed Real Time‘s Bill Maher last Friday night. Start at 1:35: “There is that part of the Democratic party that is plainly obnoxious, humorless, too politically correct. If you talk to Trump people, they’re not unaware of his flaws, but what they always say, what they love about him, is that he’s politically incorrect. As bad as he is in some ways, they would rather be on his team than those insufferable people on the left. That’s how [Trump supporters] think.

“And the puritanism of the politically correct is getting worse. I don’t know how long I’m going to last, really. It’s worse every year. The things that they go after people for now. Your colleague — I don’t agree with him — Jeffrey Lord, CNN got rid of him because he said ‘sieg heil’ on a tweet. It was a joke.

“This has got to stop, this idea that people have to go away if they’ve offended me even for one moment. How about just move on, turn the page, go to the next thing in your life? This idea that you cannot suffer one moment of pain. These are the kids, the millenials, who grew up yelling at their parents, something that never ever crossed my mind [when I was a kid] and parents negotiating everything, and this sense of entitlement, that I should never feel any pain, even the pain of someone disagreeing with me. There’s an alarming number of millenials who don’t even believe in free speech, because free speech could lead to hurt feelings.”