Last week I was interviewed about the Oscars by Kirill Zhurenkov, reporter for the Russian daily Kommersant. The piece was posted today. The digital English translation is crude. For those who reference that version there’s a quote attributed to me about the OscarsSoWhite brouhaha that needs clarifying. Here’s what I actually said: “The Academy’s decision to take away voting priveleges from older, less active members in order to gradually assure a more diverse membership resulted in a lot of anger amongst the 60-and-over crowd, who felt they were being tarnished as racists because of their age. But let’s be honest — older people are always less receptive to new social currents and developments.”

Wiki boilerplate: Kommersant (Russian: Коммерса́нтъ, or The Businessman, often shortened to Ъ) is a nationally distributed daily newspaper published in Russia, and mostly devoted to politics and business. It is a leading liberal business broadsheet. The TNS Media and NRS Russia certified July 2013 circulation of the daily was 120,000-130,000. The newspaper was initially published in 1909, and it was closed down following the Bolshevik seizure of power and the introduction of censorship in 1917. In 1989, with the onset of press freedom in Russia, Kommersant was re-established under the ownership of businessman and publicist Vladimir Yakovlev.”