Screen Actors Guild president Alan Rosenberg made it clear during a teleconference session with major celebrity reps and publicists earlier today to keep their clients away from the Golden Globes Awards on Sunday, 1.13. Oh, and Rosenberg doesn’t want the talent attending the VH1 Broadcast Film Critics Awards next Monday either.
In other words, Rosenberg is saying that if NBC insists on broadcasting the Golden Globes Awards on 1.13, there won’t be any celebrities in attendance because he’ll be expressly telling the nominees not to attend. So don’t broadcast the show, NBC, because you’ll be wasting your time…got it?
In the wake of the latest Golden Globe awards hiccup, which is a statement from NBC spokesperson Rebecca Marks that “we are prepared to move forward with the telecast on Jan. 13,” a bicoastal teleconference happened earlier this afternoon between Rosenberg and all the big-cheese publicists and representatives of the nominees who’ve been nominated by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, which is having its awards show on Monday night, 1.7, and the Golden Globes Awards (set for Sunday, 1.13).
During this meeting Rosenberg basically laid down the law, which is that no one can go to the Globes unless the Globes aren’t televized. The SAG chief also said that while SAG can’t officially say “we don’t want anyone going to Monday’s BFCA awards” (which is being produced by non-signatory companies Bob Bain Prods. and VH1), they don’t want anyone going to the BFCA awards.
The BFCA request was apparently made because there’s no red-carpet agreement, and therefore a video journalist interviewing a celebrity nominee could take a videotaped or webcam interview and sell it to a struck network. The Golden Globes bottom line is that SAG is eyeball-to-eyeball with NBC, saying to the network that if they broadcast the Golden Globes Awards the celebrity attendance will be nonexistent….so don’t broadcast it or else.
Here’s Dave McNary‘s Variety story on this.