More critical support for David Fincher‘s Zodiac has been noted by L.A. Times reporter John Horn, and from this a 1.5.07 article has emerged that may help to keep Zodiac afloat as a serious Best Picture contender — as it damn well should be. (Hello?)

“According to one online survey of more than 400 reviewers’ favorite films, only two other 2007 movies — No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood — have turned up more frequently than Zodiac,” Horn writes. “Showing up on 143 best-of-the-year lists, Zodiac has claimed 19 No. 1 spots.
“‘Suddenly, everybody is waking up to the fact that this is a good movie,’ said Mike Medavoy, one of the film’s producers.
“Fellow producer Brad Fischer said Paramount may have underestimated the film’s critical support. ‘”I don’t think they expected 143 critics to put it on their Top 10 lists.’ Paramount is hoping that with no clear best picture favorite, Zodiac, which grossed a modest $33.1 million in domestic release, might draw sufficient attention for best picture, director, cinematography and screenplay.”