You may see a breezy, hah-haayyy! Hollywood Reporter cover shot of the Vice trio — director-cowriter Adam McKay, costars Amy Adams and Christian Bale. And you may be chuckling over Bale’s decision to skinny himself down to his Machinist weight after becoming a lardbucket to play the Ultra-Luciferian Dick Cheney. And you may enjoy McKay’s head-rest sitting posture during the video chat. And your interest in seeing Vice may be greater as a result. All to the good!

But what I see, mainly, is the Los Angeles community (and the Annapurna marketing team in particular) saying to the New York film journalist community, “Aaahh, being first out of the gate is so nice! We’ve seen the film, talked about it, sussed it out. Some of us may even be dipping in for seconds. You New Yorkers will see it soon, don’t worry, but in the meantime it feels so good, so top-of-the-world to be the first responders.”