Comment #1: “There’s what a movie is, and what people of brains, experience and insight say about it, and a certain kind of serenity that flows from this. And then the movie plays for the public and the folks in the Academy, and something else happens. It’s not real. It’s the Twilight Zone.” — posted by yours truly in response to yesterday’s “Admired, Not Beloved” report.

Comment #2: “Could it be that there are possibly forces out already to take down The Social Network? Count on it. And it isn’t only rival studios that will attempt to float info that will change the perception of the film — it will be anyone and everyone. Once the Oscar year finishes, the film can finally rest in peace. But by the end of it, it resembles nothing so much as the Bonnie and Clyde car. You’ll know the minute The King’s Speech truly becomes the frontrunner because it will get the same treatment. Such is just part of the game of Oscar.” — Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone in a 10.3. post called “Oscar Hysteria Officially Launched.”