The sound on my Macbook Pro sound stopped working yesterday due to a faulty installation of OSX 10.8.5. So I had to re-download and re-install that system and then restart, blah blah. The sound was fixed. And then, at the Apple guy’s suggestion, I went into all three cache folders and emptied everything out. (Which I should do every week except I forget.) This somehow killed the sound again. Plus the operating system is slow and gunked up. I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to drop off this soundless Macbook Pro plus the other broken MBP (i.e., faulty keyboard) to the Geniuses at the Mac store at The Grove. (Which I despise, spiritually and environmentally, because of that phony bullshit Disneyland vibe.) On top of which the four-year- old iMac that I bought in Manhattan is all but worthless. So everything is basically breaking down from overwork so I’m thinking I need a new Macbook Air. It may sound fickle but I need a computer that, you know, works, especially with the two Pros being in the shop for two or three days.