It took her a while after Wednesday’s attempted Green Book takedown, but yesterday Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone posted one of the best bitch-slappings of the lefty woke fascist brigade (i.e., “Woketopia”) that anyone’s ever read. I dare Mark Harris or A.O. Scott or Manohla Dargis or Team Indiewire or Melissa Silverstein or anyone from that snowflake crowd to question or push back upon what Sasha has written here — I double-dare them.

Please read the whole thing but here are some of favorite portions:

Excerpt #1: “The leaders of Woketopia…truly believe that Green Book winning the Oscar is the worst thing that could happen in America.

“‘THEY DESERVE IT!’, they scream. At best, that’s what we get. At worse we get a lot of tongue-clucking and lectures by high-minded folks who are here to set everyone straight about what deserves or doesn’t deserve the Oscar. I’m referring not to black critics, BTW, but to certain white critics who scream the loudest.

Except #2: “This has greatly impacted how the Oscar race is covered, as bloggers scan each project for un-wokeness. Films by and about white males are mostly fair game for any kind of attack, and hopefully will eventually be just completely shunned. One tweet is all it takes to send a wave of hysteria through the hive mind and suddenly that film, too, is problematic. And anyone who likes the film or votes for the film is likewise caught up in that shitstorm.

Except #3: “When I heard about how much Green Book was liked, the first thing I thought was ‘white filmmakers telling a story about race are going to get creamed.’ It didn’t matter how good it was. It’s simply not possible, in today’s climate, for any white person to tell a story about race. White people and specifically white men are considered the enemy unless they arm themselves by becoming Woke Warriors, which many of them have done.”

Except #4: “[But when] white filmmakers make stories about white characters they are criticized for that too. First Man was attacked for being a film about Neil Armstrong, and Chazelle got blamed for the lack of black men in the 1960s NASA Mission Control room.”

Except #5: “What’s really going on right now is twofold. One is that we’re ruled by fear and panic. We’re scared. We are still reacting to the dramatic change we experienced in 2016 when Donald Trump became president. It so flew in the face of everything we on the Left had begun to count on, and made us all feel powerless. Enter social media and the hive mind. Now, we have power. Social media gave voice to the voiceless and enabled large groups of people to show their support or their disapproval of anything put before them.

“Why hasn’t Black Panther done better in this climate, and why are Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book doing well in it? So many Woketopians are looking to the Oscars to be the ultimate barometer of morality in our city on the hill.”

Except #5: “Yes, children, YES! We purge the village of the sinners to keep the village pure and righteous. No, we can’t do anything about Donald Trump. We can’t stop carbon emissions pollution from wrecking the environment. We can’t stop the thousands of dying refugees fleeing for their lives, we can’t save pigs from gestation crates, we can’t stop the coming floods, hurricanes, mass starvation, police shootings, church shootings, school shootings.

“But we sure as hell can stop Green Book. That we can do. And so it was on this day that the proud Woketopians wiped their sweaty brows, snapped their laptops closed, and breathed a sigh of relief that their work is done.”