Pirates 2 did $18,392,00 yesterday (Friday, 7.14), which is off 67% from last Friday’s opener (but that included Thursday midnight screenings, remember). The probable weekend cume will be $58,317,000 and a total so-far of $254,336,000. Truckloads of dough, not that great a film…go figure.
Little Man and You, Me and Dupree were neck-and-neck last night — Man earned $7,536,000 with a likely weekend tally of $21,480,000, and Dupree did $7,374,000 with a probable Sunday night tally of $21,745,000.
Poor Superman Returns did $3,219,000 — off 59% from last Friday — for a likely weekend cume of $10,058,000 and an overall tally of $162,000,000. The word of mouth probably isn’t strong enough to push it to $200 million.
It’s now a safe to declare that the postive word-of-mouth on The Devil Wears Prada will eventually push it past $100 million — it did $3,175,000 last night, and will do about $9,526,000 for the weekend for a Sunday-night cume of $82,600,000.