10,000 B.C. did $12.5 million yesterday and will wind up with close to $32 million by Sunday night. (It may do slightly better than this, but the word-of-mouth is far short of ecstatic.) Martin Lawrence‘s College Road Trip, a piece of shit according to Rotten Tomatoes, will do about $12.5 million and $4000 a print.
The almost completely dreadful Vantage Point actually came in third and will do about $7.6 million for the weekend. What kind of idiot would pay to see this a film of this calibre on its third weekend? Wlll Ferrell‘s Semi-Pro has dropped 51% for a likely weekend haul of $5.9 million….off to the showers! The Spiderwick Chronicles…$4,990,000.
Roger Donaldson‘s The Bank Job — easily the weekend’s best opener — will come in sixth with $4,980,000 at $3100 a print, which isn’t very good. What’s wrong with people out there? They’d rather pay to see crap than a solid, well-crafted heist film? Is it the rote-sounding title? Is it because the Jason Statham fans, as I hypothesized the other day, prefer to see dumber, more intense action films in which the violence is more pronounced and the pace is more accelerated? The Bank Job, after all, is a kind of ’70s film.