Enchanted‘s five-day projection keeps falling, falling…it’s now dropped to under $50 million for five days. $49,198,000, to be precise, with $34,398,000 for the three-day weekend. This Christmas is looking at $27,296,000 for 5 days and $18,800,000 for the weekend. Beowulf will end up with a 5-day tally of $23,399,000. This will bring Robert Zemeckis‘ 3-D fantasy up to a $56,445,000 cume — it’ll be a push to hit $100 million. Hitman keeps on dropping..$20,800,000 for the weekend.

Other 5-day totals: Bee Movie — $15,700,000. Fred Claus — $14,600,000. August Rush — $13,800,000. American Gangster — $13 million even.

The Mist is looking at $12,300,000 for 5 days and $8 million for weekend…dead. No Country or Old Men will earn about $10,700,000 for the five-day holiday for a cume of $16.3 million. It’ll probably pull down $35 to $40 million by the end of the run, although a Best Picture nomination will push it along further. Todd HaynesI’m Not There is will make $955,000 over five days, $720,000 for the weekend — a little over $5000 a print.