The box-office is looking fairly lousy this weekend, and the two big Golden Globe winners — Dreamgirls and Babel — aren’t getting that much of a bump from their respective wins last Monday. Night at the Museum, #1 again with the super-sophisticates, will end up with around $11,849,000 and a rough cume of $204 million by tomorrow night. Stomp the Yard, off 47%, will earn about $11,352,000. Dreamgirls will earn $7,826,000 this weekend, up about 6% but they added close to 300 runs this weekend so it’s actually close to flat.
The Hitcher, #4 on the list, is doing about $4600 a print for a weekend tally of $7,400,000…nothing. The Pursuit of Happyness will make about $6,151,000, and the sixth-place Freedom Writers will end up with $5,166,000. Guillermo del Toro‘s Pan”s Labyrinth went to 600 runs and did pretty well — $4,461,000, $7320 a print. Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men, #8, will made $3,229,000 — it’s not gaining or even holding, sad to say. The Queen expanded from 1200 to 1500 runs, and will do about $2,800,000, about $2800 a print.
Ninth-place Alpha Dog, off 45%, will end up with $2,200,000. And Babel, last of the top ten, will do about $2 million or $2300 a print, having expanded from 700 to 800 runs..