Clash of the Titans earned $29 million yesterday, and is expected to end up with $62 million by Sunday night. Think of those hundreds of thousands of Eloi lemmings in their shiny brown pelts, staring at those murky sub-standard 3D images and most of them muttering to themsleves “jeez, this isn’t all that great…if I’d only known!….but then I couldn’t or wouldn’t know because I refuse to read reviews…burned again!”

The usual bozos who go to Tyler Perry films spent $12,390,000 yesterday to see Why Did I Get Married Too?, and will eventually contribute a projected $30 million by the weekend’s finish. No taste, low brain-cell count, hopeless.

The second weekend for DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon is looking at a relatively sturdy 38% three-day drop from last weekend — $11,100,000 yesterday and $27 million by Sunday night for a cume of $90,126,000 million.

Hot Tub Time Machine — a perversely inventive, crazy-assed comedy despite the naysayers — has dropped about 40% from last weekend. But it only took in a lousy $2,886,000 yesterday and is looking at $8,017,000 by Sunday night for an overall cume of $27,860,000.

Oh, and the two best movies now playing — Roman Polanski‘s The Ghost Writer and Noah Baumbach‘s Greenberg — will earn estimated weekend totals of $1,110,000 and $738,000, respectively. The Sunday-night Ghost cume will be $10,999,000 and Greenberg will be looking at an all-in total of $2,307,000.