Fantasy Moguls’ Steve Mason is predicting a $152 million, six-day total for Transformers, but I”ve been told of a lower projection (composed by a competing studio) of $149,851,000. Dreamamount will undoubtedly claim $150 million and change if the actual final figure is anywhere close to that.
The best Transformers earning day so far has been the $29 million and change it took in last Wednesday. It did $22,201,000 yesterday, which was $2 million higher than Thursday’s total but $7 million below Wednesday’s.
Ratatouille‘s weekend projection is $30,878,000 — a good hold. Live Free or Die Hard will take in roughly $17,500,000 for the weekend. License to Wed wll end up with $10,5000,000 for the weekend…a cume of $17.8 or $17.9 million for six days (having opened Tuesday).
Evan Almighty will have a three-day tally of $8,719,000 by Sunday night. Figure a cume of $80 or $90 million. It lost 490 theatres this past week, which is unusual for a big studio film in its third week of play. 1408 will take it $7,091,000 for weekend. Knocked Up — $5,226,000. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer — $4,140,000. Ocean’s 13 — $3,668,000.
Sicko added 280 theatres but is down 24% from last weekend. It will probably earn between $25 and 30 million by the end of the run.