Warner Home Video is releasing a Bluray of Mike HodgesGet Carter (’71) in April. I’m assuming that the aspect-ratio information provided by Bluray.com is either a mistake or a sick joke because it says the film will be cropped at 1.85:1. All non-Scope British films of the ’70s were masked at either 1.66:1 or 1.75:1. (The Bluray of Criterion’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, released the same year as Carter, is masked at 1.66.) If you look at Get Carter now on Vudu.com it has a 1.75 aspect ratio. An Amazon listing for the Get Carter DVD says it was masked at 1.66. HE to WHV execs: Please respect tradition and go with 1.75 or 1.66. You’ll gain nothing but the loathing of the Movie Godz if you slice the image to 1.85. Vandalism, pure and simple.

1.75:1 image taken off Vudu.com version.