Advance apology to HE readers who feel that this site has posted far too many riffs and reports about woke terror. I definitely hear you — the sooner all this shit stops, the better. That said…

Two days ago a #MeToo complaint surfaced about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and more particularly the finale with Prince Charming kissing the comatose Snow White and thereby bringing her back to life.

The #MeToo view is that the prince over-stepped, and that perhaps he should be…well, not cancelled but at least admonished and censured. The kerfuffle grew out of Anaheim Disneyland’s newly revamped Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ride. It’s been claimed that the ride features a “problematic” kiss because it happens without Snow White’s consent.

The issue was debated two days ago by ITV’s Andrew Neil and actress Nicola Tharp. The latter’s view is that it would’ve been better all around if the Prince hadn’t happened along and if Snow White had stayed in the coma.

It is HE’s view that Prince Charming should be stripped of his royal title — that he should be Al Franken-ed and sent packing. If you’ve seen Into The Woods you know he was a misogynist asshole to begin with.