Everyone knows “Morning Joe” Scarborough — thoughtful, vaguely left-leaning or at least “independent”, former Republican Congressman, hates Trump. And almost everyone has come to believe that we’ve reached the “Jesus, enough already” stage of the BLM protests in Portland, and that Rick Wilson‘s “woke shitheads” are generally doing more harm than good as far as the Biden-Harris campaign is concerned, etc. Just STFU until election day, and after that feel free to return to the streets and make the same noise.

So this morning Joe tweeted that the Portland chaos has to stop and that local authorities have to show a little authoritarian muscle, and what happened? He was told to “delete your account”, to stop kowtowing to the Trump narrative and to screw his head on correctly.

** No one at the recent Democratic Convention was allowed to mention the looting and storefront trashing in the midst of BLM street matches, just as no one is currently allowed to even mention that Jacob Blake had a certain history because to do so would be racist victim-blaming,