With ample justification, Democratic National Committee chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz has thrown herself under the bus at the behest of the Clinton campaign. She’ll resign at the end of the week after the Democratic convention ends in Philadelphia.

Schultz’s resignation was forced by recently revealed Wikileaks emails that proved that the DNC actively conspired against the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Please raise your hand if you think the Clinton campaign wasn’t 100% supportive of Schultz and the DNC’s gross impartiality. Please raise your hand if you think Wasserman Schultz would have resigned today if it hadn’t been for the Wikileaks revelations. Please raise your hand if you don’t think Wasserman Schultz will be booed when she speaks at the convention.

Is there any way this isn’t another bad thing for Hillary? Her campaign’s tacit support of the DNC’s anti-Bernie bias is another indication that she’s conniving and untrustworthy.

Donna Brazile will be the interim chairwoman through the election.