Sean Connery is going to voice-act James Bond in a video game based on From Russia With Love? A cool idea in concept, but there’s a hangup: that wonderfully smooth, soothing, almost musical voice that Connery had in 1963 when the film was first released doesn’t exist any more. The voice of any 74 year old man is going to sound softer and gurglier and generally less commanding than the one he had when he was 32 or 33, which was Connery’s age when he starred in the second 007 film. (There’s an obvious difference between the voice of the young Tony Curtis in Spartacus and the 65 year-old Curtis who looped himself for the “snails and oysters” scene in the 1991 restored version of that film.) So unless Connery’s voice can be digitally tweaked to made to sound younger, the idea is full of beans. But hey, Sean gets a nice paycheck and Electronic Arts gets to say they’re bringing Connery back to Bond fold and blah, blah. Just don’t come complaining to me when you buy the game and it feels vaguely like a rip.