Thanks to whomever at Paramount for not inviting me to this morning’s screening of eight scenes from James Cameron‘s 3D Titanic. I really, really would have liked to attend given the likelihood that Cameron’s demanding standards will result in an exceptional conversion.

TheWrap‘s Mike Ryan wrote this afternoon that this steroscopic Titanic “looks absolutely stunning…after watching screening after screening of shitty 3D films, it was more than refreshing to see what can be done to a film — even a film not originally filmed in 3D — if the appropriate amount of time and effort are applied.”

The 3D scenes shown: (1) Rose and Cal regarding Titanic from the dock; (2) Jack waiting for Rose at the bottom of grand staircase before dinner; (3) Jack and Rose attending white-tie party; (4) Jack and Rose canoodling on the bow of Titanic; (5) The first sighting of the iceberg; (6) Rose chopping through Jack’s handcuffs with an axe; (7) montage of Titanic passengers facing the fact that they’re about to go down with the ship and drown or freeze to death; and (8) The last portion of Titanic sinking.