HE to Criterion management: Judging by screencaptures posted by DVD Beaver’s Gary W. Tooze, there’s a serious amount of teal-tinting in your Midnight Cowboy and Bull Durham Blurays. I haven’t bought your Midnight Cowboy or been sent a Bull Durham review disc, but they seem to have parachuted down from the Planet Tralfamadore.

I think it’s fair to ask if Criterion is going to recall these discs, as you did with your Dressed to Kill Bluray after following director Brian De Palma‘s request to narrow the images. Mistakes occasionally happen, and Dressed To Kill was one such occasion. Now it’s happened again, twice.

The DVD Beaverscreen captures make the case — the teal tint on both discs looks grotesque.

I’m making attempts to reach Bull Durham director Ron Shelton, who signed off on the teal tint. There has to be some reason why he did so, though I can’t imagine what it could have been. I’ve also sent along to a message to Kevin Costner.

It doesn’t appear as if the Bluray-reviewing community will say anything about the teal issies. So far the silence has been deafening. As mentioned, the teal-tinting seems just as bad on Midnight Cowboy, and yet on 6.4.18 High Def Digest reviewer Matthew Hartman didn’t even MENTION the teal factor. Like it’s not a factor at all. This is dereliction, pure and simple.