Since Federico Fellini‘s La Strada, what films have ended similarly? The main protagonist finally realizing who and what he is, and with no path to redemption.

There’s Woody Allen‘s Sweet and Lowdown, of course, but the ending was a fairly blatant homage to Fellini’s original. You could argue that the ending of The Godfather, Part II fits the description. A slow dolly-in upon Michael Corleone, alone at his Lake Tahoe manse, thinking back to who he was 19 years earlier, right after the 12.7.41 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Except the frosty Michael doesn’t indicate an emotional reaction. (It’s not in him.) And there was a creepy episode (#15) of Boris Karloff‘s Thriller series called “The Cheaters”, and it ended with the lead protagonist (played by Harry Townes) looking at himself in a mirror and seeing a beast. Others?