This is my idea of a moving Memorial Day essay. The highlight comes when Lt. Col. Fred Wellman (retired) says the following: “Let’s never forget the oath they took to uphold and defend the Constitution, against enemies both foreign and domestic. And if the events of the last five years has taught us anything, we still have to fight for our nation, and we still support those who do.”

Wellman’s delivery reminds me of similar sentiments spoken by Harve Presnell‘s “George Marshall” in Saving Private Ryan, only more straightforward.

I’ve always preferred the terms “those who served” or “those who fell in service to our nation” as opposed to “those who gave their lives.”

My father, a former Marine Lieutenant who battled the Japanese at Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima (and who once confessed to having downed a few belts of Scotch with some fellow officers before the assault on Iwo Jima on 2.22.45), always dismissed the wording of that sentiment.

Nobody “gives” their life in combat — they fight as best they can to achieve victory or at the very least not get killed, and sometimes fate tilts against them.

If any one group fits the definition of “domestic enemy,” the January 6th bumblefucks are the pig’s poke. Deranged, stupid, beardos with dad jeans…enemies of our Constitution, defilers of decency, the lowest of the low.