This has been a bad filing day but I too saw Sex Tape the other night, and I have to say that while I only laughed once (i.e., a bit of slapstick about slugging a dog and knocking him unconscious), I wasn’t in pain for the most part. It’s very hard to make a frenetic slapstick comedy work, and this is a straight-ahead, not awful, reasonably inventive try. I don’t know how sexually risque the premise is, but it’s been launched with a fairly intelligent attitude and what I regard as self-aware, non-ludicrous dialogue. I felt marginally engaged, not bored, somewhat amused. How’s that for a quote line? “I didn’t laugh — well, I laughed once — but it didn’t make me feel miserable either” — Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere. I honestly liked it a bit more than 22 Jump Street, which I hated. There’s a cameo from a well-known funny man that is more than just a “cameo” — it’s a tender moment. More tomorrow.