The currently unfolding TCM Classic Film Festival is having its big Shane screening this evening at 6:30 pm inside the TCL Chinese. I’ll be signing autographs in the front footprint-and-handprint court from 6 pm to 6:20 pm. I’m kidding, for God’s sake. Seriously, this is one of Hollywood Elsewhere’s proudest moments if I do say so myself. No one is more gratified that George Stevens’ 1953 classic is going to be screened at 1.37:1 and not the previously planned 1.66:1 version. (Ditto the forthcoming Bluray.) All’s well that ends well.

I’ll also be catching the 2 pm screening of a 35mm print of John Frankenheimer‘s The Train (and I don’t want to see it shown at 1.85, please, but 1.66, which is how it’s been masked on the DVD and the laser disc). I may also possibly attend the 9:15 screening of Mildred Pierce (which I’ve never seen) at the Egyptian.