So Blake Lively doesn’t care…is that it? Surely she knows that starring in low-rent exploitation shite like The Shallows doesn’t enhance her stock value. She must be aware that the director, Jaume Collet-Serra, is a factory hack who has ground out horror flicks and Liam Neeson actioners in a way that is far, far below the level of, say, Roman Polanski. Surely she understands that a super-sized great white wouldn’t just nibble at her leg, and that sharks never leap out of the water like Orcas when feeding. Surely she understands that sharks don’t hunt for personal reasons (“I want you for lunch!”), and that they don’t commit to prolonged strategic vendettas. Pic is obviously dishonest, manipulative, jerry-rigged — no respect for reality. Give me a re-viewing of Open Water instead.