As reported widely over the last 10 hours, Bill Maher announced last night during his CrazyStupidPolitics Yahoo concert that he’s donating $1 million to President Obama‘s SuperPAC, Priorities USA Action. I don’t know what Maher is worth or what the tax ramifications might be, but I’m guessing he’s flush but not stinking. So dropping a mill into Obama’s re-election coffers sounds like a substantial and ballsy thing from his perspective whereas, say, Steven Spielberg donating the same is just a roadside piss.

The San Jose concert ended with the donation announcement, which was intended to inspire other flush entertainment-industry lefties to followed suit. Maher’s two money quotes: (a) “Having a country governed by Barack Obama rather than any of the Republican candidates is worth a million dollars” and (b) “this is the wisest investment I think I could make.”