There’s no question that Lynn Shelton‘s Laggies (A24, 10.12), which I saw for the second time a few days ago, is one of the best comedies of its type, and by my standards the most satisfying Shelton flick ever. Some of her fans have argued it isn’t really Shelton-esque (semi-improvised, mumblecore-ish), certainly not in the vein of Touchy Feely, Your Sister’s Sister and Humpday. But I think Laggies represents a kind of liberation for Shelton — a bold cliff-jump. I spoke with her this evening at a Toronto party thrown by A24, distributor of Laggies and J.C. Chandor‘s A Most Violent Year. What does she say when her fans complain that Laggies is too commercial (i.e., tightly written)? This is my process, guys…a journey I took because it seemed right. I asked if Laggies costar Sam Rockwell, who slips right in and anchors the film’s second half, had written any of his very Rockwell-esque dialogue. No, she said — screenwriter Andrea Seigel authored every line. We chatted enjoyably but it was just a quickie. Here’s to the next time.

Laggies director Lynn Shelton during Wednesday night’s A24 party at Michael’s on Simcoe.

Hostess at Michael’s.