Last January Everest star Josh Brolin and a 40-member crew shot scenes in Nepal (i.e., at a Mount Everest base camp, local airports and in Kathmandu) before moving on to Pinewood Studios. On 4.18.14, while an Everest second-unit crew was shooting remaining scenes at Camp II on Everest, an avalanche in a nearby area killed at least twelve Sherpa guides. Yesterday Brolin and s.o. Kathryn Boyd mass-mailed the following plea for Sherpa relief. “Any help (even the lowest number available) is greatly appreciated. We have never done this before but having just recently worked with many Sherpas, all of whom knew or were related to those recently killed on Mount Everest, we know this to be a very personal and serious situation. Please give anything you can and feel free to pass this email along to your friends and loved ones. We will make absolutely sure that monies donated will be received by those families directly affected by this tragedy.” Everest will open on 9.18.15.