Friendo email: “I’ve said this a thousand times, and here goes again: Wokeness, cancel culture, etc., is a pathological disease, no argument…one that’s been building since around 2016, and the fact that Trump was in the White House totally fueled it. He didn’t create it, but he fueled it. That’s obvious.

“I get the fact that the Republicans and the right-wing media — deplorable scumbags, all — are officially against wokeness and cancel culture. But actually, they’re not. That’s an illusion.

“If you gave me a magic wand and told me that within the space of five seconds, I could wave it and cancel wokeness and cancel culture, what do you think I would do? I’d wave that fucking wand. I’d crawl across broken glass to wave that fucking wand. And so would you.

“But do you think, right now, that if Donald Trump or Ben Shapiro had an opportunity to wave that magic wand and cancel wokeness and cancel culture, that they would do it?


“They love, love, love having it to fight against. Because the right in this country isn’t selling policies. It’s selling vengeance.”