I’ve been trying to write my Black Swan review for the last 90 minutes, but my favorite Mac image-manipulation software — picnik.com — is acting wacked, forcing me to use the irritating and altogether tedious iPhoto. I need to find something that’s as easy as Picnik — easy for dumb guys, I mean — but doesn’t twitch out on me. On top of which I need a lover who won’t drive me crazy, but we’ll let that go for now.

King Street — Thursday, 9.9, 8:40 pm.

The Inside Job team prior to last night’s Ryerson screening. I’m afraid I don’t know everyone’s name, but the laid-back bearded guy on the left is Sony co-chief Michael Barker, director Charles Ferguson is standing dead center, the woman in the black dress is either exec producer Christina Weiss Lurie or associate producer Kalyanee Mam, and Sony co-chief Tom Bernard is the big friendly-looking guy to her right.