Those stories about Motherhood‘s $131 gross in London are almost a good thing, press-wise. Now there’s a slight curiosity factor, at least, whereas before no one cared. This day-in-the-life drama, directed by Katherine Dieckmann and starring Uma Thurman, has found historical distinction. To paraphrase former Secretary of State Edwin Stanton, “Now it belongs to the ages.”

Motherhood opened stateside on 10.23, and had made $92,900 by 11.15. The DVD/Bluray came out on 2.23.10.

I’m a little confused about why this story broke today when the IMDB says it opened in London on March 5th — three weeks ago! — but we’ll let that go. Here’s another IMDB link that seems to indicate it opened on 3.7, but maybe not. The N.Y. Post story says Motherhood opened in London “last Sunday,” or 3.21. What?

Let’s keep in mind, at least, that Motherhood got thumbs-up reviews from the Hollywood Reporter‘s Stephen Farber, Entertainment Weekly;s Owen Gleiberman and the N.Y. Observer‘s Rex Reed.

If the London wipe-out story hadn’t appeared, I probably never would have seen Motherhood. Now I’m thinking I will.