Hanover and Dartmouth College aren’t in yet, but the statistics say that female New Hampshire voters went for Hillary Clinton big-time (as opposed to Iowa females who went slightly more for Barack Obama).
The sympathy/empathy factor — she’s one of us, give her a hug — is what gave Clinton a surge. One, Hillary saying “well, that hurts my feelings” in the debate. And two, the watery eyes and choking up in yesterday’s coffee-shop discussion. Go with your emotions and give your sister a hug. A wise and brilliant call by N.H. women.
Oh, and it was warmish out so a lot more over-60 female voters decided to brave the elements. And a bigger slice of the independents decided to vote for McCain at the last minute than anticipated. And don’t discount the return of “the Bradley effect” — it may be a lot more prevalent than we’re willing to admit.
I said last week that in the realm of the Democratic primaries, John Edwards is almost Ralph Nader. That’s changed now. I was scolded for those words and I now see the error of them. Edwards is Ralph Nader. If Clinton wins the nomination, a good portion of the blame will be on his head.