The View‘s Sunny Hostin on Elon Musk‘s Twitter takeover: “When Elon Musk says this is about free speech, [he seems to be saying] that this is about the free speech of straight white men.”

Are you listening to this? Hostin is more or less saying that free speech for straight white men shouldn’t be a concern because we’re in a revolution right now, and straight white men need to sit their asses down in the back of the bus and shut the eff up…because they need to listen and learn. The world was run by straight white men for centuries, Hostin is more or less saying, and they’ve had their chance. Now it’s time for women, LGBTQs and people of color to reshape the world into a fairer, more considerate social environment, and if straight white men don’t agree with the new woke program that’s too damn bad.

Imagine the reactions if a famous straight white guy were to complain about free speech for women, LGBTQs or people of color.