This is good, plain-spoken stuff. A humanist and a rationalist, Bernie is stating common sense. Realism. I’ll be voting for Sanders, of course, but God protect us from the tens of millions of none-too-brights who will fall (and who’ve already fallen) for Trump’s bullshit. Bumblefuck boomers, in particular, who were raised to associate Democratic socialism with totalitarian Communism, and haven’t the curiosity or intellectual vigor to try and understand the difference.

Not to mention the fact that Bernie’s Medicare For All arithmetic is questionable.

Bernie is cooked, and so are we. Sensible, practical Pete could win…he really could. But Bernie bruhs, crazy twitter, progressive absolutists and African American voters have repeatedly speared him in the side. Stubborn, self-destructive purists.

“I’m not saying personal stuff isn’t important. I’m kind of a private person, in a sense, and I’m…y’know, not particularly anxious to tell the world about everything personal in my life.” — Bernie Sanders to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes.

Pete Buttigeig after third-place Nevada showing: “I believe that the best way to defeat Donald Trump and deliver for the American people is to broaden and galvanize the majority that supports us on the critical issues. Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible, ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans.”