You can sense something a tiny bit rote from this trailer for The Burnt Orange Heresy (Sony Pictures Classics, 3.6). A seemingly refined, intelligent, cynical thriller of sorts, but the crickets are calling it a half-and-halfer. Then again I’m a total sucker for Italy’s lake district. The last time I was there was in ’03, when the boys and I visited the Locarno Film Festival. Dripping, sweltering heat.

Posted by THR‘s Boyd van Hoeij on 9.8.19: “A spiky romance laced with art-history references and the trappings of a sleekly elegant neo-noir, The Burnt Orange Heresy is a mutt of sorts but no less a pleasure to spend some time with — even if petting it might not be advisable.

“This classy adaptation of Charles Willeford’s best noir novel, originally published in 1971, changes the location from the Everglades to the shores of Lake Como, where a European art critic and his American weekend fling visit a rich collector and meet the hermit artist who lives on his estate.”

I hate to say this, but Mick Jagger seems a tiny bit…I’m reluctant to say it. I’ve chatted with him once or twice and realize that he’s no strapping six footer, but even so he seems a bit shorter and older in this. Is that fair to say? Or am I projecting on some level? We all get older, we all change. I don’t know why I just wrote this.

I won’t see The Burnt Orange Heresy for another two and a half weeks. A 3.2 screening at Hollywood’s Linwood Dunn theatre followed by a post-screening reception with The Square‘s Claes Bang, six-foot-three Elizabeth Debicki and director Giuseppe Capotondi.