This trailer for Jiyoung Lee‘s Female Pervert, which will debut at Slamdance on Saturday, 1.24, is a reminder why Slamdance films never seem all that intriguing at first glance. The actors aren’t special enough. They seem pleasant and intelligent, but their vibes seem a little too average-schmaverage, and all the guys have that sensitive dweeby twee thing going on. They’re not unattractive but neither are they dynamically attractive or possessed of that X-factor, spark-plug quality that makes you sit up and take notice. I don’t want to be cruel but I don’t want to watch a film with people I don’t find particularly magnetic at first glance. There are always exceptions to the rule but this is one reason why I never seem to wander up to Slamdance. Female Pervert costars Jennifer Kim, Skizz Cyzyk, Brian Cafferty, Joshua Mikel, Jesse Price, Kate McManus, Taylor Proctor and Eddie Ray. (The trailer won’t embed properly for some reason — just watch it where I found it.)