I’m guessing that Todd Spence‘s Hardy Boys/True Detective mashups (posted yesterday on Break.com) don’t mean much to Millenials or Genxers, even. The Hardy Boys detective novels (written by a series of ghostwriters under the pseudonym “Franklin W. Dixon”) began in the late 1920s. They enjoyed their biggest popularity between the ’30s and the early ’60s, although the series was rebooted in the late ’80s and continues, for those lame enough to want to actually read them, today. The Hardy Boys were old hat in the days of Spin and Marty. They are to today’s YA books as Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald musicals are to Les Miserables or the upcoming Annie. (Hat tip to Buzzfeed.)

(l.) One of several Hardy Boys/True Detective mashup covers, created by Todd Spence and posted yesterday on break.com; (r.) Original Hardy Boys paperback cover art.