The only “hmmm” issue that may affect What Happens in Vegas is a cultural- chemical rapport thing, given that the Ashton Kutcher-Cameron Diaz romance may seem to some like an older-woman, younger-guy thing. (Which Kutcher is obviously familiar with in real life.) Kutcher turned 30 two months ago; Diaz is now 35. Thing is, Kutcher looks his age (if not a year or two younger) and she looks…well, like she’s almost nudging 40, no? The last time Diaz radiated anything close to a spring-chicken glow was when she costarred in There’s Something About Mary (’98).
It’s perfectly fine and cool for this kind of relationship to be depicted, of course. I don’t have any surveys to point to, but there are presumably plenty of slightly older women going out with slightly younger (or markedly younger) guys. It’s interesting. I can remember thinking when I was in my early 20s that the best women to know were in their early 30s — past the foolishness, earthier, more passionate, etc.