Four months ago I reported that a slightly more explicit version of Psycho would be available from a German video distributor. Nothing breathtaking, just a tad more explicit than the prudish U.S. cut, etc. Now it’s purchasable as part of a German Bluray Psycho box set for 129 euros.

The “uncut German version” is on disc #5, and is described as a “German Super-8 version.” Wait…the source is a shitty-looking 8mm print, and it’s dubbed in German? Forget it.

Here’s a 2012 article about the extra German footage.

Universal Home Video should issue a new Psycho Bluray with this footage, of course, but they should also (a) remaster it in 4K and (b) offer an alternate boxy version (1.37:1) — the current Universal Bluray slices off acres and acres of visual information with an unnecessary 1.85 aspect ratio.