If the Trump campaign could turn back the clock to yesterday afternoon, would they eliminate the portions of Melania Trump‘s speech that were obviously cribbed from Michelle Obama‘s speech before the 2008 Democratic Convention, and thereby avoid the plagiarism headlines that have dominated newscasts since last night? Of course they would. The fact that they didn’t catch the mistake and fix Melania’s speech tells you two things. One, the Trump campaign is a sloppy, haphazard operation, which is due to the fact that Trump is a gruff, moody guy with a short attention span — period. A silly blunder of this sort is an indication of how a Trump administration would be run if, God forbid, he moves into the White House next January. And two, Donald Trump doesn’t admit errors or apologize, and so Paul Manafort is trying to call the Melania plagiarism story “absurd” and overblown and is even trying to sell the idea that Hillary Clinton orchestrated the whole thing,