Let me get this straight. England’s Optimum Home Entertainment is bringing out Bluray versions of both parts of Steven Soderbergh‘s Che two days from now and Criterion still hasn’t officially announced they’ll be putting out their own Che Blurays sometime in the fall? They’re still playing the cartoon hinting game? Why is Criterion so slow and Optimum so fast? That’s it — I’m getting a multi-region player.

And no excuses about how Criterion needs more time because they always put together a great package. When another region commercially releases a Bluray title that I’ve been looking forward to several months before the U.S., I feel jealous and resentful. We live in a now/sooner/ADD world. We don’t live in a world that goes by the words “chill down,” “eventually,” “read a book” and “never sell a wine before its time.”