I…uhm…half-apologize for saying earlier today that David Poland is a member of the Dreamgirls “team.” Poland answers to no one but his own voice, apparently, and he has no particular ties to Dream- girls that results in his being a “member of the team.” (I’m vomiting on my rug as I say this.)
Poland obviously supports the idea of Dreamgirls winning the Best Picture Oscar, of course, but he’s not in the pocket of or unduly allied with anyone on the DreamWorks/Dreamgirls posse. I thought that was thud-obvious, but a certain party wants this pointed out anyway.
This said, let me make something very clear. I am a member of the United 93 team in the sense that I admire that film like few others, and I have no concerns about admitting this at all. I believe in people’s willingness and ability to understand this statement in the right way. I’m also a member of the Children of Men team, the Lives of Others team, the Departed team, the Little Miss Sunshine team, the Babel team, the Pan’s Labyrinth team and so on. And proud of it. I believe in solidarity, in teams, in standing together with the right films and the right people for the right reasons.